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Life's a circus, it's not fair; Don't be afraid, if I'm not there.

forever. for never.

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this journal be friends only, baby(:.

let's keept simple:
jeana - jen-nuh NOT gina.
class of '09.
Arashi Fangirl;
Jun Matsumoto is my idol.
V6 Fangirl;
Go Morita has stolen my brain.
Johnny's Entertainment obsessed;
they took my soul and wallet,
i'm not getting it back :D
SMALLVILLE obsessed;
i will rant and rant about this, trust me.
TAKERU SATO convert;
that boy has won me over,
i won't even lie about it.
my list of ANIME crushes goes on for miles;
there's no denying it.

there's more to a person than what can be typed;
let's chat it up and we'll get past these barriers(:
do & yo & thang & baby