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Infinite Skies, an animanga face-claim roleplay of Heroism and Villainy

For many years, people would look towards the skies in search for answers. When they harborded questions, they would gaze at the neverending skies for hours in search for a sign, a direction, an answer. At some point, some people will look up to the skies in need for some instruction on what they should do with their lives, what they need to live for, what path they need to take …

Some may gaze at the sky and see a brilliant dawn. With the flash of a rising sun, a flood of courage, strength and heroism floods into their being. They find the strength within them to walk the difficult path of valor and justice; they find it in their hearts to be the bright light within the shroud of darkness; they find the courage to paint the target across their chests, they find the strength to carry the burden of protecting peace and justice of those unable to defend themselves … they become heroes.

Some will stare at the daunting sky and see a cunning dusk. Enticing, enchanting, sly, the dusk pulls them into an unknown world. A world that pulls at their innermost desires. Be it power, money, vengence, the dusk pulls them into a world of darkness; a world that steals away the ideals of good and floods them with darkness. They are the ones who draw their powers from the terror in the eyes of the innocent; they are the ones who find joy in the screams and cries for help; they are the ones who find sadistic pleasure in completing their selfish desires. They walk a path of chaos and injustice … they become villains.

While others have their paths unfolded before them as they gaze to the skies, some find a sense of refreshment when they look to the heavens. In the midst of their busy days in the city, some pause for a moment and admire the tranquility of the skies. Their days are long, their days are rough and sometimes in the middle of those days, danger strikes relentlessly at them. The heroes come to protect them, the villains arrive to bombard them. They are the heart of the city, they are the soul of the city; these are the civilians.

Welcome to Infinite Skies.

Take a glance up at the endless skies, what does it tell you? What path will you take?
Infinite Skies
An Animanga Face-claim Roleplay of Heroism and Villainy.
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