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f r i e n d s ONLY.

 As of February 7, 2009, this journal is LJ-FriendsOnly(: If you wanna be added, here's the place to Go. Hahaha. ++Pun intended(:

A bit about me:
+ JE Fangirl in general.
+ Arashi Fangirl; MatsuJun's my Ichiban
+ V6 Fangirl; Go Morita's my Ichiban - I'm sure you can already tell that(:
+ Smallville obsessed, mannn - that show's just a full out win, dude.
+ Takeru Sato is amazing - HE HAS BAITED ME! Hook, line and sinker. :D
+ 031391
+ Easily obsessed; expect random distraught fangirling - most of it will consist of spazzing.
+ J-dramas are my weakness.
+ J-movies are a bigger weakness.
+ Anything Japanese interests me, trust me.
+ Filipino, baby[[x
+ Living life to the best that I can.

++ MySpace
++ YouTube
++ Fanfic Journal

So, now here's what you do. Comment here with something interesting about you or whatever, and I'll add you back as soon as I can ... which would be really fast, I swear.

And I promise, I won't bite(:
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